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18 Month Home Warranty

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How does the 18 Month Home Warranty Work?

  1. Have RIA complete your home inspection.
  2. Request the 12 Month Simple Home Warranty (best coverage available on the market today - read more here).
  3. At the time of purchase, 6 FREE months will be added to the warranty term just because the home was inspected by RIA = 18 Month Home Warranty!
  4. *If RIA does not inspect the home, a 12 Month Home Warranty is still available.

The 18 Month Home Warranty has the absolute broadest coverage for the longest term on the market today and is the least expensive warranty option on a per month basis. Get the best home warranty available and request the 18 Month Home Warranty for your real estate transaction.

 More reasons to choose the 18 Month Home Warranty:SimpleLogo

  1. Unlimited number of HVAC units, water heaters, kitchen appliances, etc. are covered. Other warranties will upcharge for additional systems and appliances. Watch out for upcharges with other warranties and make sure all of your systems and appliances are covered.
  2. Underground sewer and water lines are covered. No other warranty offers this coverage.
  3. Roof leaks covered at no extra charge. Other warranties will upcharge for roof leak coverage.
  4. Choose your own contractor for warranty repairs if you desire. Most warranties make you use their contractor.
  5. No "pre-existing condition" excuses to avoid coverage if RIA inspects the property and finds the item in question to be in working order at that time.
  6. Simple square footage pricing model with no add-on fees. 
  7. If a claim is ever denied and is verified to be eligible on another warranty contract, the claim will be paid or a 100% premium refund provided.
  8. Sump and sewage pumps covered at no extra charge.
  9. Washers and dryers covered at no extra charge.
  10. Alarm systems covered at no extra charge.
  11. Refrigerator ice makers covered at no extra charge.
  12. Garage door hinges and springs covered at no extra charge.
  13. Premium option available for mold and radon coverage.
  14. Coverage can be added for pool/spa and septic tank pumping.
  15. Free listing coverage if you are the seller of a property. Other warranties upcharge for this coverage.
  16. The Simple Home Warranty is backed by a national home warranty company and provides coverage in all 50 states. 

Request RIA's 18 Month Home Warranty and get 18 months of coverage for the price of 12 months. If RIA does the home inspection, 6 FREE months are added to the warranty term = 18 Month Home Warranty!  

Simple Home Warranty Pricing

Less Than 1,500 sq ft ($395)SeeBrochure
1,501 - 2,500 sq ft ($475)
2,501 - 3,000 sq ft ($515)
3,001 - 4,000 sq ft ($560)ReadPolicy
4,001 - 5,000 sq ft ($655)
5,001 - 6,000 sq ft ($865)
6,001 - 9,999 sq ft ($0.16 per sq ft)OrderWarranty
More Than 10,000 sq ft ($0.19 per sq ft)
*Sq Ft must include basement (even if unfinished)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the 18 month term begin?  The warranty term will begin once the warranty has been paid for, this usually ocurrs at closing.
What happens after I order the warranty?  You will receive an email confirmation within 24-48 hours with the invoice included. If we see that additional information is needed to process the warranty, we will give you a call.
Can I pay for the warranty directly?  Yes, just choose “person ordering warranty-payment not at closing” on the order form and we will call you for payment.
Can the warranty be paid for at closing?  Yes, once the warranty is ordered, you will get a confirmation email with the warranty invoice. This can also be sent to the closing attorney so that the warranty amount can be added to the closing documents. On the order form, you will need to note whose funds should be deducted from at closing as per the signed contract.
How do I get listing coverage including the HVAC?  If RIA completed the inspection, simply order the warranty and the seller will have listing coverage until closing. At closing, the warranty can be paid for and the buyer's 18 month term will begin.
Can I buy the warranty if RIA did not do the home inspection?  Yes, but it will be for 12 months. The 6 free additional months are only available if RIA completes the home inspection. Even at a 12 month term, this warranty is the best warranty on the market today.
What is the deductible or service call fee?  You can choose the $75 or $150 service call fee level. The $75 deductible buy down option increases the warranty price by $75 (however this reduces the deductible for the life of the policy).
What company provides this home warranty?  The warranty is backed by Residential Warranty Services, a national home warranty company. RIA has an affiliation with Residential Warranty Services and we work directly with their owner to ensure the best service for our clients.
What does the no "pre-existing conditions clause" mean?  Many warranty companies will say that an appliance or component has a pre-existing condition and will deny coverage. If RIA inspects the property and deems the appliance or component functional, the item will then be considered to have no pre-existing conditions and will be covered.
Will I get a hardcopy of the warranty package?  Yes, the warranty package will be mailed to the address of the covered property.
Can I choose my own contractor for warranty claim repairs?  Yes, you can choose to use your own contractor or an "in network" contractor. Please make sure you notify us of the claim and give us a chance to review the estimate prior to any work being completed. 
What is the "Premium Option"?  The Premium Option adds coverage for items that no other home warranty will cover. This option includes $2500 of mold growth coverage, $1200 of radon remediation coverage (if a radon test was completed and was below 4.0 pCi/L), and increases the coverage level of the underground sewer and water pipes to $6000 ($4000 of coverage is included in the base warranty). This option adds $200 to the initial cost of the warranty.
Does this warranty cover pools?  Pool coverage can be added for $175.This option covers the mechanical components of in-ground pools and spas.
Does this warranty cover septic tank pumping?  Septic tank pumping can be added for $35. This option covers one septic tank pumping in case of failure due to a full septic tank.
Will the warranty cover old equipment?  Yes, old equipment will be covered with no pre-existing conditions if inspected by RIA.
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