3 Benefits of Stucco

The exterior of your home provides the first impression to guests, neighbors, and passersby. Stucco provides both a clean and elegant look. As a trusted stucco inspector for homes throughout Fulton County, GA, Residential Inspector of America can attest to all of the great benefits of this exterior material. Still, most people don’t know just how much their home can reap from the benefits of this material. So, we’ve outlined some of those amazing benefits.

3 Benefits of Stucco

1. Value

In addition to the clean look, stucco also provides your home with added protection. Not only is this material fire-resistant, sound dampening, and mold-resistant, it’s also energy efficient. With today’s homes, energy efficiency features are highly sought-after, thus you are adding more value to your home while enjoying all the energy savings. This puts you in prime condition to get the most out of your home should you decide to sell.

2. Maintenance

Keeping your stucco exterior clean is a breeze. Unlike regular siding, stucco doesn’t need to be replaced, repainted, or reinstalled because of weather damage. Furthermore, a regular cleaning schedule isn’t necessary to keep your home looking amazing. In fact, you could powerwash your stucco exterior once a year and never think about it again for the next 12 months. Furthermore, stucco is easy to paint if you’re ever in the mood for a change.

3. Durability

We don’t know a single homeowner who isn’t worried about the durability of their home. If you’re looking for an exterior material that can provide added protection and last up to 50 years, then stucco is your best option. As a cement mixture, stucco expands and contracts with the changing temperatures throughout the year, which means it won’t crack or chip as the seasons change.

Get Your Stucco Inspected

While stucco is an excellent material for your home’s exterior, you should have it inspected from time to time. If you’re thinking about purchasing a home with stucco, you’ll want a licensed professional specializing in this area. That’s why many residents throughout Atlanta, GA, turn to Residential Inspector of America. We also offer general home inspections, mold testing, and sewer line evaluations. Get your appointment scheduled online today, or call us at (770) 476-4963. 

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