3 Issues Revealed by Infrared Inspections

A home inspection can reveal issues that could lead to bigger problems down the road. However, a regular inspection can’t reveal everything, especially when it concerns what’s happening within the walls of the home. That’s why most people also choose to have an infrared inspection done by Residential Inspector of America. Here are some of the key issues our thermal imaging can capture.

3 Issues Infrared Inspections Can Reveal

1. Roof Leaks

With an infrared thermal inspection, even the smallest roof leak can be detected. This is because water holds onto heat, making it easy to spot on infrared cameras. However, the time of year does play a factor in its detection. During the summer, water in the attic is best detected at night after the attic air cools. The water left on shingles and rafters will be warmer than the surrounding air. In the winter, water will show up as a cold spot in a warmer attic. 

2. Electrical Faults

If you’re buying an older home, you’ll want to understand its electrical wiring and circuits. For this reason, an infrared inspection is necessary. To catch electrical faults that could spark a fire or lead to issues, thermal imaging is necessary. On the camera, these faults will show up in yellow or orange, depending on the level of heat coming from the fault. Additionally, sellers can take this information and make the necessary updates to sell their homes more quickly. 

3. Mold

Contrary to popular belief, not all mold is visible or sprouts on the outside of walls. For example, if there has been moisture damage in your home, mold could be sprouting beneath paint or wallpaper. The only way to detect mold growth within your wall is to either cut into them or use an infrared camera. By detecting mold with an infrared inspection, you can make the necessary repairs before selling or purchasing. 

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