3 Things to Know About Home Inspections

Finding the right home for your family is exciting. Whether you’re upgrading or looking to downgrade, you put a lot of thought and work into your home search. However, before you settle on what you think is the perfect property, you should hire a home inspector. A home inspection is a common practice of the home-buying process, but many people don’t understand what we do. So, here is what you need to know about an inspection from Residential Inspector of America.

3 Things to Know About Home Inspections

1. The Cost

As a new home buyer, you’ll be responsible for the cost of the inspection. Fees can range anywhere between $200-$600, depending on the square footage of the home. The price of an inspection will also involve the age of the home, number of stories, foundation type, termite inspection, and inspection for a pool or hot tub. 

2. Reading the Report

When it comes time to read your home inspection report, you should look for a few key details. This includes the state-approved form, details about every system in your prospected home, photographs and graphs, a termite report, foundation details, and infrared images from within the walls. 

3. Plan to be Available

If you’re serious enough about a home to have an inspection, you should plan to be present. If you can’t make it for the entire walk-through, then try to show up for the last 30 minutes. This will be just enough time for the inspector to summarize their findings and walk you through some obvious repairs or faults in the home. 

Have Confidence in Your Home

Every homeowner should have confidence in one of the largest purchases of their lives. With a detailed and professional home inspection from Residential Inspector of America, you can rest assured that your home is safe and secure. We proudly serve residents in Atlanta and the surrounding counties. We also perform radon testing, sewer line evaluation, and mold testing. Get an instant quote online or call us today at (770) 476-4963.

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