4 Things to Look For in a Used Hot Tub

Are you considering adding a used hot tub to your home? If so, you’ll want to have it inspected by the team at Residential Inspector of America first. Having a hot tub off the side of your patio is a great way to unwind after work and relax with your family. Still, you need to make sure it works properly and that you’re not wasting money on a new investment. Here are some tips for purchasing a used hot tub.

4 Things to Look For in a Used Hot Tub


1. See It Operate Firsthand

Even if you can visually see the hot tub, you should request to see it up and running. If the hot tub is empty, you won’t get a good idea of the shape it’s in or if there is anything wrong with it. Seeing the used tub in action will give you a clearer picture of its jet power, potential leaks, and other issues that could cause headaches down the road. 

2. Inspect the Cartridge Filter

Not all hot tubs are the same, and if you’re buying one a few years old, you may not be familiar with all the mechanics. Ask the previous owner to point out the cartridge filter and then look it over. This is also something your hot tub inspector will look at, so even if you’re unsure what to look for, you can rest easy knowing that this is usually a simple replacement. 

3. Take a Listen

If something isn’t working right with a used hot tub, you’ll likely be able to hear it. A working hot tub will make a slight humming sound. If you hear anything else, this could be a warning sign that something is about to fail. Usually, a louder noise is because of a faulty pump or a worn-out motor. 

4. Check the Thermostat

While the tub is up and running, you should check the thermostat. If the temperature gauge isn’t working properly, it can make the tub extremely unsafe to use. Typically, hot tubs operate between 100-104 degrees, but a malfunctioning thermostat could cause the water to either get too hot, or not heat up at all. 

Get Your Used Hot Tub Inspected

Whether we inspect it before you buy it or once it’s been delivered, Residential Inspector of America has an extensive checklist that will cover all of your concerns. For your safety and our peace of mind, we look at everything on a hot tub, including the shell, motor, heater, and other electrical components that could malfunction. We also provide many additional services, such as sewer line inspections, and general home inspections, for residents throughout Fulton County, GA. Contact us today at (770) 476-4963.

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