5 Hidden Areas of Your Home To Spring Clean

It’s springtime again, which means it’s time to tackle that spring cleaning checklist you have in your head! While most people focus on closets and floors, there are several hidden areas in your home to spring clean. Today, Residential Inspector of America takes you on an adventure to explore five hidden areas of your home that could use a good spring cleaning. Paying attention to these five forgotten spots ensures that your home is immaculate from top to bottom.

5 Hidden Areas of Your Home To Spring Clean

1. Underneath Furniture

One of the most commonly neglected areas in a home is underneath furniture. Dust, pet hair, and other debris accumulate under sofas, beds, and tables over time. To properly clean these areas, move furniture away from the walls and use a vacuum with an attachment or a microfiber cloth to remove dust and dirt. Don’t forget to clean the legs and undersides of furniture pieces for a thorough clean.

2. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are another often overlooked area when it comes to spring cleaning. Dust collects on the blades and can spread throughout the room when the fan is turned on. Use a damp cloth or microfiber duster to wipe down each blade, making sure to catch any dust before it falls onto your floors or furniture below.

3. Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can easily become coated in dust and grime without us even realizing it. This spring, fake some time to clean the inside and outside of your light fixtures. Remove any bulbs or covers and gently wipe them down with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in soapy water. For hard-to-reach fixtures, consider using a duster with an extendable handle.

4. Air Vents

The air vents in your home play a crucial role in maintaining good indoor air quality, but they can also trap dust and allergens if not cleaned regularly. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment or a damp cloth to remove dust from the vents and surrounding walls or ceilings where dust may have accumulated.

5. Inside Appliances

While you may regularly wipe down the outside of your appliances, like refrigerators and ovens, don’t forget to give them a deep clean on the inside. Remove shelves and drawers from refrigerators and freezers for cleaning, wipe down oven interiors, run self-cleaning cycles on dishwashers when needed, and descale coffee makers or other small appliances as necessary.

Get Your Home in Tip-Top Shape

Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean tidying up visible surfaces – paying attention to those hidden areas that often go untouched throughout the year is important. Here at Residential Inspector, we know a thing or two about spring cleaning and how it can elevate your home. If you’re looking to sell in the near future, taking care of these spaces is a must. However, scheduling your pre-listing inspection, sewer line inspection, and termite inspection before listing your home is also important. Our team in Buford, GA, is standing by to help! All you have to do is call us at (770) 288-0965.

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