5 Things to Be Aware Of When Buying an Older Home

Are you dreaming of owning an older home? Maybe you like the idea of restoring a centuries-old home or the fact you can own a piece of history. Before diving into a purchase, you must be aware of the potential problems with older homes. Thankfully, a home inspection from Residential Inspector of America can help reveal all that’s wrong with an old home.

5 Things to Be Aware Of When Buying an Older Home

1. Lead Paint

Lead paint was a popular commodity used in homes before 1978. However, this type of paint has been banned from use because of its devastating health effects, especially on children. Before purchasing an older home, your home inspector will identify rooms or areas that have lead present. This needs to be remedied before you move in.

2. Asbestos

Asbestos is great as an insulation and a flame retardant, but it can cause health issues as it deteriorates. Exposure to asbestos is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers, so having it removed from your older home is crucial. The EPA banned its use in commercial and residential buildings in 1989, but it’s not uncommon for inspectors to find it in homes 35 years and older.

3. Ungrounded Outlets

As your inspector walks through an old home, they may notice that outlets are ungrounded. If these plugs have two holes and not three, then you know your outlets are ungrounded. Unfortunately, this means you won’t be able to use devices with three prongs, like your laptop or televisions. Yet, these features of an old home shouldn’t deter you since updating these outlets is rather inexpensive and easy to do. 

4. Roof Issues

Like everything else in an old home, the roof likely has taken a beating, and the years probably show. Some older homes may need an entire new roof, which can drastically affect the purchase price. Yet, you might not know just how damaged the roof is without a proper inspection. An inspector will know exactly what to look for and what kind of repairs need to be made, arming you with the knowledge to negotiate the home’s price.

5. Foundational Concerns

The entire home rests on the foundation and can reveal the age of the home. Older foundations can have cracks, lean in one direction, or be sunken because of the soft dirt below. Foundational issues are a major concern for new buyers, especially since the only way to ensure the home’s safety and security is to replace or repair the foundation. This an expensive project, so it’s also a determining factor in many home purchases.

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Before you fall in love with an older home in Fulton County, GA, you deserve to know all the potential risks and hazards that come with your purchase. Thankfully, the team at Residential Inspector of America knows just what to look for during a home inspection. We’ll also take a look at your sewer line, test for mold, and conduct a radon test. Schedule your appointment online or call us today at (770) 476-4963.

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