Preventing Christmas Tree Fires

The holidays are always a fun and festive time of the year. There are gifts to open, cookies and treats to eat, and of course, beautiful Christmas trees to put up. Unfortunately, Christmas tree fires occur in a number of homes during the holidays. While not especially that common, thankfully, they can cause serious damage very quickly and pose a serious risk to your property and life itself. Here at Residential Inspector of America, we know first hand the risks involved with this issue. As the holiday season gets underway, be sure to keep these important tips in mind to prevent Christmas tree fires.

Christmas Tree

Choose the Right Tree

When picking out a Christmas tree, be sure to choose one with fresh, green needles that are firmly on the tree and not falling off. Choosing a fresh, healthy tree can go a long way in preventing a Christmas tree fire in your home. 

Place the Tree in a Safe Spot

Place the tree in a safe, carefully chosen spot that is not blocking an exit. Be sure to cut 2” from the base of the tree’s trunk, and add water to it daily. Above all, ensure that the tree is at least three feet away from a heat source such as a fireplace, heat vent, radiator, or lights.

Light the Tree Correctly

First and foremost, never use lit candles to decorate a tree. Instead, rely on lights that are labeled as having been independently tested in a lab. Finally, always remember to turn the lights off when you’re out of your home, and replace any light strings that appear to be broken or worn out.

Dispose of the Tree after Christmas

After Christmas, dispose of the tree promptly. Never leave a dried out tree in your home, garage, or right next to your house, as it continues to pose a fire risk. Instead, recycle it as soon as possible.

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