The 3 Levels of a Stucco Inspection

Stucco is a great option for homeowners who don’t want siding or brick. However, some stucco homes come with a slew of problems caused by improper application of the plaster. Unfortunately, many of these problems go undetected for years because they happens within the porous structure of the stucco. This is why stucco inspections are so important and why so many turn to Residential Inspector of America. Here are the three levels of inspection you’ll get from our team of experts.

The 3 Levels of a Stucco Inspection

1. Siding Identification

During the first level of a stucco inspection, we’ll note the type of stucco used. We’ll also note the current condition and any potential issues that could come up during the later phases of the inspection. Some of the things we’ll look for in this first phase are any siding faults or oversights that could be indications of large problems with the home. We’ll also look for any areas where moisture intrusion has occurred.

2. Non-Invasive Inspection

During the second level of the inspection, we focus on giving your home a comprehensive exterior inspection. We’ll take a closer look at the home’s exterior, noting any physical damage spots and areas of improper installation. We’ll also look at areas such as the hose bulbs, flashing, electrical, and plumbing outlets, noting any stucco water damage or cracking along the way.

3. Invasive Inspection

The third and final level of our inspection is a little more invasive. This phase includes the visual assessment as well as penetration of the siding where moisture damage is present. In addition, we use moisture recording readings to help us determine the level of the damage within the stucco. These readings allow us to give you an accurate assessment of the stucco’s condition and any water damage. Once we’re finished, we cover the holes with caulking to prevent further damage to your home.

Get Your Stucco Home Inspection Today

Stucco homes are popular in Atlanta, GA. This means you need a reliable and licensed stucco inspection. Residential Inspector of America is just the team to turn to. We pride ourselves on being detailed and descriptive, going over every inch of your home. We also offer residents pool and spa inspections, sewer inspections, and mold inspections. You can get an instant quote online or call us today at (770) 476-4963.

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