The 3 Phases of New Construction Home Inspections

When it comes to new home construction, many homeowners rely only on county inspectors. However, Residential Inspector of America doesn’t recommend this approach. County inspectors are often busier than private companies and can miss significant code violations or building issues. So, when you bring in an outside firm, they will meticulously complete the three phases of the inspection process.

The 3 Phases of New Construction Home Inspections

1. The First Inspection

The first inspection, or the “pre-pour” inspection, is crucial for your new home. During this phase, your inspector will ensure that the land has been excavated and graded properly. He or she will also inspect the footings and anchors to make sure your home’s concrete foundation won’t shift beneath your feet. Any issues found during this phase gives your builder time to correct the issues before the concrete is poured. 

2. The Second Inspection

We call the second inspection your “pre-drywall” inspection. Once the entire frame of your home is up, we come in to ensure that it’s solid and built to code. The roof and windows are usually installed before our second inspection, so this means we’ll look at these as well. Noting the condition of the framing before drywall gives you peace of mind that the bones of your home are solid and reliable. 

3. The Third Inspection

Finally, before you can move in, we walk through to make sure the home is livable. We often couple this inspection with our 1-year warranty inspection, so you’re covered should anything go wrong within the first year. Additionally, any fixes that need to be made are noted during this final phase and should be remedied by the builder before you close on the home. 

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At Residential Inspector of America, we know that your new home in Atlanta, GA, is an investment, and protecting it is your top priority. Our inspections typically uncover missing flashing, code violations, and HVAC problems that should all be fixed by the builder. If you’re buying an older home, we even do general home inspections, radon testing, and sewer line inspection. Get your quote online or give us a call today at (770) 476-4963.

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