New Construction & 1-Year Warranty Inspections

Take advantage of Residential Inspector of America’s new construction home inspections. To protect your new investment, be sure to schedule a pre-drywall inspection, new construction inspection, and a 1-year warranty inspection. All three of these services combined will give you a well-maintained and safe Atlanta area home. Schedule online now or get an instant quote by calling (770) 476-4963.

Do I Need a New Construction Inspection?

Many people believe that a new home means there is nothing mechanically or structurally wrong with it. They feel that the county inspections and/or the walk through with the builder are adequate substitutions for completing a private inspection. County inspectors may not spend the necessary time in your home to find all the issues. Catching problems early on can save thousands of dollars in repairs later. If there are code violations, the builder may be required to fix the items for you. Any code violations or problems that exist in your home may pose a problem when you decide to sell if they are not found and corrected sooner.

These inspections typically uncover items such as:

Code violations
Damaged roof shingles
Nail holes in the roof shingles
Missing flashings
Deck issues
Electrical problems
HVAC problems
Plumbing issues

Pre-Drywall Inspection

Pre-drywall inspections are conducted right before the drywall is installed in the home. It is a structural analysis that evaluates all load bearing and framing components, ensuring these items were properly installed. The inspection certifies that the home is structurally sound and compliant with building code standards. A pre-drywall inspection also includes an examination of the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC rough-ins for code compliance.

Sample Report
Predrywall Construction Inspection near Atlanta

1-Year Warranty Inspection

A newly constructed home typically includes a 1-year warranty in which the builder will correct any problems encountered in the first year of ownership of the new home. It is wise to have an inspection conducted shortly before the 1-year warranty expires. The best time to schedule this inspection is at the 11-month mark so there is plenty of time to notify the builder of any items that need to be repaired or replaced. The 1-year warranty inspection does not include any of our free warranties or RecallChek service, but does include:

Detailed analysis of the home
Summary of items to repair or replace
Digital photos of areas of concern
Code violations not corrected prior to closing
A report that includes all the information above
Free New Construction Inspection Warranty Atlanta

Free Warranties & RecallChek Included

Our new constrction inspections include our free $100,000 in warranty coverage plus RecallChek on all appliances. Our 18-month warranty can be purchased along with the five free warranties below:

  • Full 1-year structural warranty
  • 5-year platinum roof leak warranty
  • 90-day structural/mechanical warranty
  • 90-day mold growth warranty
  • 90-day main sewer/water line warranty

For Your Peace of Mind

Schedule a new construction home inspection today or get an instant quote by calling (770) 476-4963. Since 1989, the RIA team has provided valuable inspection services such as termite, pest, and rodent inspections, sewer line inspections, stucco inspections, and general home inspection services. We are proud to serve Atlanta and the surrounding areas of Georgia including Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, and beyond.

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