RIA’s Ultimate Listing Inspection includes the following:

  • Full RIA Home Inspection
  • 5 Year Roof Leak Warranty
  • 6 Month Structural Warranty
  • Major Mechanical Warranty
  • Underground Sewer & Water Line Warranty
  • Mold Growth Warranty
  • Eligibility to Purchase RIA’s 18 Month Home Warranty
  • Repair Estimate Available for Inspection Report Items


Benefits of RIA’s Ultimate Listing Inspection:

  • Free warranty coverage
  • All warranties are valid for the entire listing period
  • 5 Year Roof Leak Warranty resets at closing and will transfer to the buyer
  • 6 Month Structural Warranty will transfer to buyer (warranty does not reset at closing)
  • Don’t let the buyer’s home inspection hold up your closing
  • Have time to get multiple repair estimates for inspection items
  • Use your contractors on your time schedule


Market Your Listing as Pre-Inspected, Including 5 Year Roof Leak Warranty, Structural Warranty, and 18 Month Home Warranty!