A sewer line problem can cost thousands to repair, not to mention the damage that a sewer back up can cause on the inside of your home. The sewer line is not visible to our general home inspectors, so we cannot tell you if there is a failure or blockage inside of the sewer line. This is why it is important to have our Sewer Scope Inspection completed prior to purchasing your new home. Here is how it works:

Our partner, a licensed pluming company, will locate the main sewer line cleanout either on the inside or outside of your home. A camera will then be inserted and the interior of the pipe will be inspected out to the street connection or to the septic tank. The pipe will be inspected for tree roots, debris blockages, breaks or failures, sags, and improper drainage. A short and easy to read report will then be issued on the condition of the sewer line.

Don’t let a sewer line problem ruin your new home. Make sure you know the condition of your sewer line with our Sewer Scope Inspection.


If a Sewer Scope inspection is completed at the same time as a home inspection, your FREE 90 Day SewerGard Warranty is automatically upgraded to a 6 month warranty! Read more here!