• Why do I need a separate stucco inspection? The general home inspector can definitely look at the stucco, but a visual inspection cannot determine the presence or extent of any moisture problems inside of the wall cavity.  Moisture testing will need to be completed in order to determine if the stucco is allowing moisture to enter the wall cavities.  This will require a separate inspection, separate report, and additional moisture testing equipment.
  • How is the moisture testing completed? We follow the moisture testing protocol set forth by the Moisture Warranty Corporation (this is a company that will give a warranty on the stucco once it is inspected and properly repaired).
    • If you have Synthetic Stucco – We will use a scanner meter on the surface of the stucco in order to determine areas that may have a moisture issue.  We will then probe the wall cavity with a second moisture meter in order to get the actual moisture contact of the substrate behind the stucco.  Common areas to moisture probe are under windows, where gutters terminate into the stucco, and under decks.
    • If you have Hardcoat Stucco – Hardcoat stucco is concrete based and naturally contains moisture, so this will rule out the use of the scanner meter (it will deliver false readings).  We will use experience and visual clues in order to determine probing locations.  Common areas to moisture probe are under windows, where gutters terminate into the stucco, and under decks.
  • How big are the probe holes and how do you repair them? The holes are very small and we do our very best to probe areas that are not visible in plain sight.  The holes are typically smaller than the end of a cue tip.  We have several colors of caulking and we will do our best to match the stucco as close as possible.  In over 20 years of completing stucco inspections, we have never had an issue with these small holes.
  • How many holes do you make? As few as possible.  We must test all areas where our moisture scanner reads high, where there are visual clues of a moisture problem (water stains, rotten window, etc.), or where the Moisture Warranty Corporation protocol dictates probing.
  • Do I need to moisture test hardcoat stucco? Yes, hardcoat stucco can have the same installation errors and maintence issues as synthetic stucco.  We commonly find moisture issues behind hardcoat stucco.
  • What is the difference between hardcoat and synthetic stucco? Basically, Hardcoat stucco is concrete based and is applied over a wire mesh.  Synthetic stucco is polymer based and is applied over a foam board and fiberglass mesh.
  • Can I get a warranty on the stucco? Yes, Moisture Warranty Corporation will place a warranty on the stucco once it is properly inspected and all repairs are made.  Our stucco inspection will qualify a home for a Moisture Warranty if desired.