The exterior stucco on all homes is either hardcoat or synthetic. Both types of stucco have the ability to retain water and cause moisture levels to be 30% or higher beneath the surface of the stucco. Synthetic stucco experiences more problems than hardcoat due to consistent improper installation by synthetic stucco installers.

Our inspectors use moisture scanners and probe meters to determine the moisture level present beneath the surface of the exterior and can tell you whether or not the stucco poses a threat to the life of your home. Our inspectors can also tell you how to maintain and care for your stucco.

The report includes moisture levels, problem areas, and information about windows, caulking, flashing, and other pertinent information pertaining to stucco. Digital photos showing high moisture levels and areas of concern are also included. The inspector reviews the areas of concern at the time of the inspection and then emails a link with the report as a pdf file the same day as the inspection. The stucco inspection does not include any of our free warranties or RecallChek service unless we also perform a complete home inspection at the property.

Download a sample of a Stucco Report.