Meet Our Team

For professional home inspections, contact the team at Residential Inspector of America. We provide you with the confidence and knowledge you need to make the best home buying or selling decisions. Schedule online now or get an instant quote by calling (904) 590-1306.

Our Story

Residential Inspector of America was founded over 30 years ago by Bob Lemoine. Just like the beginning of most businesses, Bob started RIA by doing what he loved – home inspections. Through hard work, late nights, and long days, the company started to grow. Team members were hired, and family joined the business. As RIA grew, the vision of building a sustainable and impactful company grew as well.

RIA started with Bob and a flashlight but has now become the largest and fastest growing home inspection company in the Southeast. The company is now owned and operated by Bob’s son and his wife, Rob and Catherine Lemoine. RIA completes more than 20,000 home inspections per year, operates in 4 states, and has over 100 team members. Most importantly, we are a team of people that want to do the absolute best we can for our clients. We want to build a company that impacts lives as well as better ourselves so that we can show up bigger for our team and for our clients.

We believe that building a thriving organization that is client-focused comes down to the people within. Are we perfect? Absolutely not! Do we get better every day? Absolutely yes! We have and are continuing to build a culture that develops leaders, empowers people, encourages family time, enables growth, has fun, is accountable, and expands what is possible in the home inspection industry. That’s RIA!

The RIA Team

RIA consists of 4 divisions that work together to turn ordinary home services into extraordinary experiences by delivering a high level of care, communication, and professionalism. With our wide array of certified inspectors and service offerings, you can be sure that you will have the information you need to make informed decisions about you home.

Services Division: “The Boots on the Ground”

The team members in the Services Division perform all the field functions of RIA, including home inspections. We have 65+ team members working in this division, most of whom are home inspectors. The combined knowledge and experience of these inspectors exceeds all others in the marketplace with over 250,000 completed inspections. RIA has a wide variety of home inspectors, including inspectors that have many credentials.

RIA Service Division
RIA Operations Division

Operations Division: “The Heartbeat”

The 18+ team members in our Operations Division handle all of the scheduling and administration tasks for RIA. They efficiently communicate and make recommendations to help you determine the services you need to ensure you have a great home inspection experience. You will talk to a member of our Operations Team when you schedule your inspection.

Growth Division: “The Engine”

Our Growth Division has a team of 18+ that handle all the sales functions for RIA. Every company needs an engine to get things started, and our Growth Team does just that. Educating local real estate agents about the various inspection services needed during the real estate process and assisting to make those services happen are just a couple of important tasks the Growth Team takes on. You may not see any of these team members, but be assured they are working diligently to bring the best level of service possible to our clients.

RIA Engine Division
RIA Wings Division

Expansion Division: “The Wings”

Our Expansion Team is in charge of opening and developing new markets for RIA. RIA is constantly looking to improve, expand, and open new territories so that we can bring a higher level of service to more people across the Southeast.

Serving Jacksonville & Beyond

The RIA team serves Jacksonville and the surrounding areas of Florida including St. Augustine, and all nearby communities. Call our friendly office today at (904) 590-1306 to get an instant quote or schedule online now. Along with our client-focused home inspections, we also provide stucco inspections, pool/spa inspections, radon testing, and repair estimates.

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