Home Inspection Checklist

Residential Inspector of America provides a general home inspection checklist that is a great guide for homeowners and potential homeowners. Use this checklist if you are considering a home for purchase or if you want to evaluate your own home. This list should be used as a general overview of the home and should not take the place of a professional home inspection. Schedule a detailed and thorough home inspection today or get an instant quote now! Call our office with any further questions.

Property Checklist

  • All driveways, patios, and stoops slope away from the home

  • All soil grades slope away from the home’s foundation

  • No standing water or soggy areas in the yard

  • No excessive soil erosion on the property

  • No evidence of leaks from the septic tank or leech field

  • Downspouts move water away from the foundation

  • No shrubs too close to the home or tree branches touching the home or main electrical cable

  • No dead or fallen trees

  • Patios, stoops, driveways, and sidewalks are in good condition

  • Fences are in good condition

Exterior Structure Checklist

  • No visible unevenness or sagging at doorways or windows

  • No visible settlement, cracking, or movement in the foundation or exterior cladding

  • No visible settlement or movement around overhead garage doors

  • No visible sags or unevenness in the roof

Exterior Siding, Soffits, and Fascias Checklist

  • 6 inch clearance between siding and the soil grade

  • No excessive moisture swelling in lap siding, some lap siding manufacturers have been under class action lawsuits

  • No loose or damaged lap siding boards

  • Painting and caulking is in good condition

  • No visible cracks or sagging in brick or stone veneer

  • EIFS (synthetic stucco) or hardcoat stucco is caulked at all penetrations, does not have bowing or excessive cracking, is flashed correctly at roof lines, and shows no signs of moisture problems – EIFS is known to have some moisture issues due to incorrect installation practices

  • Vinyl or aluminum siding has no visible damaged areas or loose/missing pieces

  • Wood lap or shake siding has no damaged or missing pieces

  • No rot or sagging at fascias and soffits

  • Flashing is present over windows and doors

Windows, Doors, and Wood Trim Checklist

  • No rot or other damage at trim around windows and doors

  • Caulking and painting is in good condition at all joints in the windows/doors and at the perimeter of each

  • No broken glass present

Roof, Chimney, and Gutters Checklist

  • No cupping, missing, curling, or damaged asphalt roof shingles

  • No cracked, rotten, damaged, or missing wood or tile shakes

  • No visible nails sticking out of roof or other items attached to roof

  • Roof materials appear to have functional life remaining

  • Roof penetrations appear to be flashed correctly

  • No sagging, missing, or damaged gutters

  • Gutters are clean and working correctly

  • Chimney cap is free of rust and is secured properly

  • Chimney appears to be flashed to the roof correctly

Deck Checklist

  • Deck framing is bolted into the home’s framing

  • Deck support columns are resting on concrete footings and are in good condition

  • Deck does not have lateral movement when tested

  • Deck handrails are in good condition and are safe

  • Deck is flashed to the side of the home

  • Overall deck structure is in good condition and appears to have functional life remaining

Crawl Space Checklist

  • Crawl space is free of cellulose debris on the ground

  • No excessive moisture or standing water inside of crawl space

  • No mold or mildew growth on framing or foundation inside of crawl space

  • No evidence of rodent activity or excessive pest populations inside of crawl space

  • Crawl space floor has a proper moisture barrier installed

  • No evidence of termite or other wood destroying organism damage

  • Crawl space entry door is secure and working properly

  • Crawl space is ventilated correctly

  • No visible cracks or bows in the crawl space foundation

  • No visible rotten or sagging framing

Basement Checklist

  • No excessive moisture or standing water

  • No cracks or bowing in basement foundation

  • No visible rotten or sagging framing

  • No evidence of rodent activity

  • No evidence of termite or other wood destroying activity

  • No mold or mildew growth noted on framing or foundation

Attic Checklist

  • Attic framing and roof decking is free of water stains and signs of leakage

  • Attic is ventilated properly and is not excessively hot

  • Attic has safe entry and working clearances for mechanical equipment

  • Attic has safe lighting

  • No visible sags or bows in the attic framing

  • Attic insulation is in good condition and does not have low or missing spots

  • No evidence of rodent activity

  • No signs of leakage at roof penetrations

  • Bathroom vents or other exhaust items are not terminating into attic

Electrical Checklist

  • No open wire splices in the home or crawl space

  • All lights and outlets are working correctly

  • Electrical panel is in a safe location, is accessible, and is labeled properly

  • Smoke detectors are operational

  • No unsafe aluminum wiring in use

  • No extension cords in permanent use

  • GFCI protection for exterior outlets and outlets within 6 feet of sink(s)

HVAC Checklist

  • Air filters have been changed recently

  • Good air flow at all supply and return vents

  • Units are properly heating and cooling the home

  • Equipment appears to have functional life remaining

  • No gas odors around units

  • Equipment is accessible and is in overall good condition

Plumbing Checklist

  • Proper hot water is being supplied to all fixtures in the home

  • No discoloration in the hot or cold water

  • Water heater is in a safe and accessible location

  • Main water shut off, hose faucet shut offs, and fixture shut offs are accessible and working properly

  • Drain lines appear to be free from clogs and are draining correctly

  • Water pressure is adequate at all fixtures

  • Visible piping is in good condition, some water pipe manufacturers have been under class action lawsuits for defects

  • No visible leaks in plumbing system or at fixtures

  • Equipment and pipes appear to have functional life remaining

Interior Checklist

  • Floor coverings are generally in good condition

  • Doors are windows are operating correctly

  • Paint and wall coverings are generally in good condition

  • Each room has a proper heat/cooling supply

  • Each room has an adequate amount of electrical outlets and is lighted properly

  • Fireplace works correctly, has working damper, and is free of cracks/damage

  • Overhead garage doors are working correctly and have an auto reverse function

  • Stairwells are safe and have adequate handrails

Kitchen Checklist

  • Appliances are in working condition

  • Cabinets and counter tops are in good condition

  • No visible plumbing leaks

  • Water flow is adequate

Bathroom Checklist

  • All fixtures are in good condition and are working correctly

  • Toilets are flushing correctly and are firmly secured to the floor

  • Shower stalls are free from leaks and cracks

  • Caulking is in good condition around shower stalls and bathtubs

  • Hot water is on the left side and cold water is on the right side of every fixture

  • No visible leaks in bathrooms

  • Bathrooms have proper ventilation

  • Whirlpool tubs are working correctly

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