The Dirty Secrets Other Home Inspectors Don’t Want You to Know

…Knowing Them Will Make Choosing a Home Inspection Company Simple!


How many licensed home inspectors would you guess are in the Greater Jacksonville area?  A search of the DPBR database revealed that there are nearly 1,000 licensed home inspectors in the market!


You may have met RIA Director of Business Development, Scott Ables.  In addition to networking, visiting offices and doing marketing presentations, Scott is on the constant hunt for talent to add to the RIA Team.

Scott is also constantly seeking your input on inspectors that you know who you feel can be trusted with your transaction.  Each week at our planning meetings, he brings back your suggestions as well as business cards and brochures collected in offices.


You would be shocked to know what we often discover when we do the research on those recommendations.  Inspectors who are unlicensed. Inspectors illegally doing WDO inspections.  Inspectors offering service under a company name that they do not own or are not employed.  Your reputation is too important to trust to an unscrupulous home inspector.  Due diligence to verify credentials and experience is essential.  Unsure how or too busy?…  Call RIA, we’ll do it for you!

When you meet an inspector who is new to the inspection business – or they are frustrated by marketing, scheduling and the administration of running a business alone – please share with them that RIA is always looking to partner with inspectors who are looking for training and growth opportunities.
Thank you!
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