6 Ways to Keep Your Hotel Pool & Spa Safe

For hotel owners and operators, a swimming pool and spa are often the key amenities that attract visitors. However, these luxuries also come with substantial obligations. You have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that your pool and spa are safe, up to code, and inspected regularly. Below, Residential Inspector of America discusses the six most important measures you should take to safeguard your guests and protect your hotel pool from liability issues.

How to Keep Your Hotel Pool & Spa Safe

1. Start with Proper Maintenance

The first step to keeping your pool and spa safe is maintaining them properly. This includes scheduling regular inspections by a professional, keeping the water clean and balanced, and repairing any issues promptly. In addition, you should also keep a detailed record of all maintenance and repairs, along with the dates they were performed.

2. Follow Safety Standards and Regulations

Ensure your pool and spa comply with all relevant safety standards and regulations. These may vary depending on your state or local jurisdiction but most likely include requirements for fencing, locking gates, and safety signs. You should also consider installing safety features like pool alarms and non-slip surfaces.

3. Train Your Staff

Your staff should be knowledgeable about all pool and spa safety regulations. Ensure they are trained on proper water chemistry, lifeguarding techniques, and emergency procedures. They should also be aware of any specific rules or limitations your hotel has in place, such as age restrictions or time limits for swimming.

4. Provide Adequate Supervision

In addition to training your staff, you should ensure adequate pool and spa area supervision. This may mean hiring lifeguards during peak hours or simply designating staff members to monitor the area and enforce rules. You should also provide clear, visible signage outlining all safety rules and regulations.

5. Don’t Skip Your Inspection

Regular pool inspections are crucial for hotels, as they are paramount in identifying potential hazards that could jeopardize the safety of guests. Beyond compliance and creating a safe leisure area, these inspections also maintain guest confidence in your hotel’s commitment to well-being. Neglecting these inspections can not only lead to liability issues, degraded reputation, and legal repercussions.

6. Keep Your Hotel Pool Open

Following these tips can help ensure that your hotel’s pool and spa areas are safe and up to code. Not only does this protect your guests from harm, but it also protects your business from liability issues. Need a reputable inspector who’s up for the task? Contact Residential Inspector of America! We proudly serve commercial properties throughout Buford, GA, providing them with mold testing, termite evaluations, and more. So, schedule your appointment today at (770) 476-4963.

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