The NXT Level Agent LIVE Event — Featuring National Real Estate Marketing Guru,
Nathan Thornberry — is Coming to Jacksonville on Monday, October 22nd,
and YOUR FREE TICKETS Are Waiting to be Claimed!

Nothing is more important to building a successful real estate business than the ability to generate leads. No matter if you choose to specialize in listings or love working with buyers, having a boundless supply of qualified leads is golden.

Most top-producing agents study the success of other agents, and —based on a blend of those success models— build a business of their own design.

Studying the models of success that others have succeeded with is important, and it would be foolish not to learn from them.

Nathan Thornberry and Erin Brockovich

Looking beyond real estate agent success, there is an interesting place to study lead generation that is seldom considered: The lead generation model of the most successful home inspection companies, as well as lenders and insurance agents!

What marketing magic might be learned from a real estate agent from studying the successful marketing models of affiliates?

Here are the economics of the proposition: For a home inspector to net the same annual income as a real estate agent, the home inspector must generate and close more than 10 times as many deals as the real estate agent! Consider your average commission compared to the average home inspection fee.

The difference in compensation per transaction is clear and obvious. What is seldom recognized is that the real estate agent and the home inspector share a common customer.

The trust that the home inspector must create with the customer must happen before they ever meet. Unlike the agent who is often interviewed before a choice is made, the inspector is most always chosen without ever meeting the customer.

To succeed, the home inspector must become masterful at marketing by lead generation and referrals.

With an open mind —and successful home inspection marketing methods to model— is it not reasonable that you might be able to increase your sales tenfold?

That is the ‘SECRET SAUCE’ behind the NXT Level Agent LIVE Conference coming to Jacksonville on October 22nd from 11am – 3pm!

Nathan Thornberry is the founder and President of Residential Warranty Services, Inc. The warranty and related concierge services he provides are represented in one out of every ten real estate transactions in America. There is NO other vendor or service provider in the country who is represented in that many real estate transactions.

HOW these services are introduced to homebuyers and sellers is what the Power Agent Conference is all about. So that YOU can be empowered to up your real estate game as much as tenfold!

The tips, tools and techniques that will be given to you at the Power Agent Conference were have been battle tested by the largest and most successful home inspection companies across America. From Chad Hett and his team of over 50 home inspectors in Los Angela’s to your very own Wally Conway of Residential Inspector of America right here in Jacksonville!

There is no theory at the NXT Level Agent Event. And there is NOTHING to buy! Everything offered to you at the NXT Lever Agent Event to build your business is FREE.

Some of the things offered to you at The NXT Level Agent Event, you will be paid to use!!

The Jacksonville NXT Level Event is being hosted at The Charthouse on the Southbank of the St Johns River featuring the signature view of our river. Designed by famous architect Frank Gehry and inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, The Charthouse has been voted as one of the most significant buildings in the state of Florida. It is gorgeous and the food is fantastic!

Your lunch will feature a selection some of the finest gourmet offerings that Jacksonville has to offer!

Seating is very limited for this event and you MUST be registered to attend.

Details and registration at

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