Why would agents pay for leads on Zillow?

Startling Statistics Reveal Realtors Pay for 28% of Listing Inspections Rather Than Paying for Zillow Leads!

There is no denying the Zillow is the 900 pound gorilla. Each month there are more than 160 MILLION visits to Zillow. More than 80% of ALL homes in America can be viewed on Zillow!

Zillow has the listings.  Zillow has the eyes of buyers and sellers.  And now Zillow has 2 Million real estate agents posted on their site! That all seems good until you discover that Zillow is determining which Agents are featured on YOUR listing as “Contact Agents”.

As you can see in the photo, Listing Agent Dolly Lenz is unrated by Zillow and appearing with her are (3) “Premier Agents” who are 5 Star Rated. Do you feel that Dolly is going to get a call on her own listing?

Residential Inspector of America has inspected over 35,000 local homes and that gives us some interesting data of our own. And some insight into FSBO behavior!

A deep dive into our data at Residential Inspector of America determined that 46% of listing inspections were for FSBO’s! That’s fascinating. These are sellers who choose to pay for a home inspector, but NOT a realtor.

The data also shows that 15% of listing inspections are for Realtors listing their own home! That’s fascinating, too!

Here’s the most fascinating fact that our data revels. On 28% of listing inspections, the listing agent paid for the listing inspection!!!

Being able to differentiate your listing presentation with a conversation about listing inspections will earn you more listing appointments. Many of those conversations will result in the seller listing with you and funding their RIA pre-listing inspection. If the conversation requires, your offer to fund the RIA pre-listing inspection will often result in you GETTING the listing!

The RIA “Pre-Inspected and Warranty Protected” sign rider attracts buyers, increases the likelihood of an “as is” sale, and typically results in a final price closer to the asking price.

You may be thinking this all sounds great, but who is really having success with the Residential Inspector of America Super Agent Pre-Listing Program?

An agent example from the luxury market is Elizabeth Hudgins from Berkshire Hathaway. Elizabeth has been recommending RIA for listing inspections for years, and most recently on what is the most glorious $6 Million dollar listing you have ever imagined!

Now you’re thinking – sure, that works for Elizabeth on multi-million dollar listings, what about newer agents and less expensive homes?

The RIA “Pre-Inspected and Warranty Protected” program has been used by Cole Slate of Exit Real Estate Gallery to capture (3) listings in two recent weeks on homes that truly represent the local market.

Every agent in the office of Anita Hiles at Realty Executives is offering the RIA “Pre-Inspected and Warranty Protected” program to earn listing appointments and listings!

Here’s the economics of an agent funding a listing inspection. Assume a real estate commission net to you of $5,000 and a home inspection price of $500. Your ROI on that $500 investment is 1,000%, and to sweeten the deal, the $500 is reimbursed to you at closing!

Many agents have been unsuccessful in their attempts at getting sellers to do a pre-listing inspection. It is simple, yet not easy!

Most of the failures are caused by “cheap Charlie” or “man-in-a-van” home inspectors. They lack the business savvy to help you to develop your listing presentation.  They also lack the reputation in the community of Residential Inspector of America.

Residential Inspector of America can provide you, your team, and your office with the skills, scripts, and presentations to attract more listing appointments, close more listing appointments, and attract buyers to those listings.  When you can attract FSBO’s and attract buyers, you don’t need to pay Zillow!

To schedule a conversation and learning session on the secrets of attracting more FSBO’s and buyers, call me, Wally Conway, at (904) 590-1306.

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