3 Benefits of an 18-Month Home Warranty

When purchasing a home, getting an inspection falls at the top of the priority list. With that inspection, you should expect some kind of warranty, regardless of which inspection company you use. An additional 12-month warranty on your new home usually comes from the builder, but if you’re looking for 18 months of coverage, then you need to contact Residential Inspector of America. Not only will you receive an additional six months of coverage, but there are plenty of other benefits to our 18-month home warranty.

3 Benefits of an 18-Month Home Warranty

1. Simple Pricing

The pricing model for our 18-month warranty is based on the square footage of your new home. This means we don’t take on any additional fees or use “pre-existing” excuses to charge more. Additionally, you can easily add warranty coverages for mold growth, the pool and spa, or septic tank pumping. 

2. Choose Your Own Contractors

Unlike other warranties or inspection companies, we don’t penalize you for picking your repair contractors. Should your home require a warranty repair, we let you find the best rather than making you pick from a list of suggested repair companies. This freedom allows you to work with companies you already know and trust.

3. Additional Systems Included

Unlike other inspection companies or home warranty offers, our 18-month warranty includes additional systems. This means you can cover an unlimited number of HVAC units, water heaters, kitchen appliances, and more. We also cover sewer and water lines under this warranty period.

Protect Your Biggest Investment

Your home is perhaps the biggest investment you’ll make in a lifetime. That’s why it’s so crucial to protect it however you can. With an inspection from Residential Inspector of America, you’ll be getting the best in both quality and reliability. We proudly offer Atlanta, GA, homeowners radon testingpool and spa inspections, and repair estimates. Call us today at (770) 476-4963.

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