Increase Your Home Value, Simple Ways to Improve the Exterior of Your Home without Breaking the Budget

Whether you want to prepare your outdoor spaces for entertaining or you’re trying to make a great first impression on home buyers, now is the time to get the outside looking great. From fixing up the deck on the front porch to adding some colorful flowers to the landscaping, there are plenty of elements to make your home look more inviting. Start by determining your home’s best exterior features, and then assess some improvements that you can tackle on your own and get the biggest bang for your buck. Residential Inspector of America provides quality inspections to the Jacksonville area.

Here are some simple ways to help boost your curb appeal:

  • Clean up clutter

  • Getting rid of clutter and scrubbing down grime should be the first steps in giving your home’s exterior a fresh new glow. Start by removing any unused items or dead plants from the yard. Clean out the gutters and consider power washing the front of the house. It might not look dirty, but you’d be amazed at how much dirt can accumulate and cause a dingy, dull appearance.

  • Spruce up landscaping

  • Take pride in your front yard and make sure to keep up with regular lawn maintenance. This could mean adding some new shrubs, plants or flowers to the house, but start by fixing up and trimming down all existing yard features. Consider lining walkways with an attractive fence or adding a splash of color with potted plants or bright flowers. A few garden fix-ups can go a long way to improve an outsider’s first impression of your home.

  • Add fresh features

  • If it’s in the budget, hit up a local home and garden store to find some simple products to enhance existing elements. Maybe it’s a new mailbox, trendy yard decor, or even a shiny new fixture for the front door. You can also add a couple pieces of furniture to create a more welcoming atmosphere to the front porch. Consider a visit to second-hand shops or garage sales; you never know when a fresh coat of paint can make one man’s trash another man’s treasure.

  • Prep your deck

  • The exterior of your home doesn’t stop at the front yard – make sure it looks inviting all the way around. Start by prepping the deck and applying a new coat of wood stain to enhance and beautify, while protecting your investment for the future. The Flood brand of wood care products provides a complete line – from prepping and cleaning to staining and sealing – to help you get the job done and make your deck the place to be.

There are plenty of projects that can make a huge difference to improve the look of your home without requiring you to spend a fortune on remodeling. Get a head start on a few of these weekend projects. Your home just might be the envy of all your neighbors this summer. Residential Inspector of America provides quality inspections to the Jacksonville area. Contact us today by calling (904) 590-1306.

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