Monument Commercial Building Inspections Opens World Headquarters in Jacksonville

Monument Commercial Building Inspections logoReferring your commercial real estate clients to a full-service commercial inspection company just got easier with the arrival of Monument Commercial Building Inspections into the Florida market.

The commercial real estate world differs greatly from the residential market and understanding those differences is critical to keeping your commercial real estate deal together.

In residential real estate the primary difference between a $100,000 home and a Million Dollar home is the size of the home. The building codes treat them alike and the systems of the home differ mostly by size.

The evaluation of a 2 ton HVAC system is done much like a 5 ton HVAC system. Two thousand square feet of asphalt shingles is inspected much like five thousand. And two bathrooms are inspected much like five bathrooms. Yes, there are nuances to be known, yet in essence that are very similar to inspect.

Commercial buildings come in every imaginable shape, size and potential use requiring an increased level of complexity from both the inspector and the inspection report.

Multi-family, warehouses, office centers, restaurants, retail stores, medical plazas to churches, each building serves an entirely different purpose with unique components and systems. The commercial building inspector must understand the differing performance issues in each type building, each system and as importantly the differing concerns of each type of commercial building buyer.

Commercial Inspections Involve Many Different Client Types

Home inspections tend to be centered on the purchase portion of home ownership. Commercial inspection needs are as diverse as the commercial buildings and commercial buyers who purchase them. There are many types of inspection beyond just the pre-purchase inspection.

Reserve fund studies help a building owner, manager or association benchmark the present condition of a building or group of buildings so that a budget for capital expenditures can be planned for over five, ten or twenty years. The reserve study helps to set the rate of capital accumulation to ensure that when the roof is ready for replacement that there are funds available.

In the state of Florida, balconies at hotels, apartment buildings and other public properties are required to be inspected if the structure is three of more stories tall. Properly inspected railings and balconies reduce the risk of injury to people and liability to building owners. When was the last time a building you manage had a balcony inspection? For many building owners they first learn about the requirement for a balcony inspection AFTER the law suit has been served!

The level of due diligence for commercial building purchases is usually much higher than when purchasing a home. It is common to have specific environmental testing and studies done as well as permit history reports and other specialty evaluations. Closing a commercial sale is simplified if this blend of information can be delivered by the commercial building inspection company.

Residential Inspector of America has been inspecting commercial buildings for over twenty years. In the early years the flow of commercial building inspections came from past clients of high-end residential home inspections. They buyers of multi-million dollar homes are the same people who are buying commercial buildings to base their business as well as add to their commercial real estate investment portfolio.

Beyond the high trust relationships that Residential Inspector of America built first with high end home buyers, it had been difficult to attract commercial building buyers and the name RIA has made it difficult to reach commercial real estate agents for referrals. The name RIA had to go!

Monument Commercial Building Inspections is more than just a division of Residential Inspector of America. It is a completely separate company built with a foundation of twenty five years of building inspection history and the experience, resource and relationships to help your commercial building buyers and owners with any and every inspection need.

Monument Commercial Building Inspections thanks you for your support in enabling us to launch and is grateful for your continued referrals to help us grow commercial real estate together in Jacksonville and beyond. Call me for coffee to learn more about how Monument Commercial can help you to close more commercial real estate and to better care to your commercial clients. 904-660-2915 or

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