The Most Significant Advancement in Home Inspections Since the Invention of the Flashlight!

Way back when people were living in caves, the cave inspector behaved much like regular home inspectors do to this day. They brought light into the cave to see what they could see. As time went on, the tools to produce light got better and better.

Cave inspectors got light into the cave with a torch, log cabin inspectors got light into the cabin with a lantern, and today’s regular inspectors get light into your home with a flashlight. Interestingly, the light of the torch illuminated the walls about as well as regular inspectors illuminate your walls with a flashlight. They can only see what is visible.

But what if you could see what is INVISIBLE?

Beyond the visible light spectrum is the infrared spectrum. Infrared is invisible to the naked eye. But with state of the art FLIR infrared cameras, tech savvy inspectors can now SEE what is invisible to regular inspectors.

In simplest terms, FLIR infrared cameras represent temperature readings as a full color image. This results in a clear image to distinguish a wet wall from a dry wall, a hot wire from a cold wire, and a damaged duct from an intact duct.

FLIR Infrared Camera ImageInfrared technology makes it simple to comfort a home buyer. Regular inspectors inspect a wall with their flashlight and it may look fine. But a common question by the buyer might concern moisture inside the wall, or maybe the presence of insulation. With the infrared camera, an inspector can confirm for the buyer that all is well. And as we all know, what buyers want most is peace of mind.

Peace of mind does not come from a regular inspector raising questions, and then leaving them unanswered. Peace of mind comes from knowing precisely what the visual symptoms really mean. That level of confidence can only be reached with the use of an infrared camera in the hands of an Certified Master Inspector or Certified Inspection Expert, like the ones at Residential Inspector of America.

It is little wonder that FLIR’s infrared cameras have been called the most significant advancement in home inspections since the invention of the flashlight!

Along with the home buyer gaining great peace of mind, real estate agents have gained a superb ally in the quest to manage liability.  How’s that?

The more accurate the information provided to the home buyer, the less likely an unseen problem would result in a claim against the agent. Why would an agent refer a home inspector did not use this risk reducing technology on every inspection?

Now that the future of home inspection is here, a new level of customer satisfaction is also here. It is important to us all that we learn to understand, embrace, and integrate the very best for our customers into every transaction.

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