When Upgrading Technology, Don’t Forget Your Everyday Items

Technology has changed so much, so quickly, that it might be difficult to remember how you lived life prior to carrying around a cell phone, having a tablet computer or, for that matter, multiple remotes to turn on all the electronic devices at home. But many homeowners, who have integrated technology into other aspects of their lives, still ignore one everyday object that is very likely completely out of date – their toilets. Residential Inspector of America provides quality environmental assessment services to the Jacksonville area.

Toilet Technology

Incorporate Flushing Technology into Your Home

Flushing technologies have made great leaps and bounds over the past two decades – improving water efficiency, flushing performance and even a user’s comfort. And if you haven’t considered replacing your toilet with one that is equipped with advanced flushing technology, you might be surprised at what is available, and how much it could help your water savings. The average family of four uses about 400 gallons of potable (treated) water each day, and bathrooms represent more than 50 percent of all home indoor water use, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. In the past, less water usage usually meant a less reliable flush. But technology has improved so that toilets with low water usage ratings are more efficient and hygienic than their water-guzzling predecessors.

High-Efficiency Options

If you don’t know about high-efficiency toilets and all the options that are available, here are a few water-saving flush options to help you upgrade the technology in your bathroom:

  • Dual flushing

  • Liquid waste doesn’t require nearly as much water for flushing as solid waste, which is where dual-flushing technology comes in handy. You can select which volume of water flush you want; which will help you save water and money. Because users may not be fully educated about the difference between the light flush, and the bulk flush, these toilets aren’t recommended for high-traffic areas, or public places. But in your home, your family could easily save water by using the lighter flush when appropriate.

  • Pressure assistance

  • Flushing performance can’t get any better than toilets with pressure assist technology. This technology pressurizes the water, giving your home’s toilet commercial-grade flushing capabilities without the commercial-grade noise. Kohler Pressure Lite technology is powerful – the 1.0 gallon models save a family 18,600 gallons of water per year compared to a 3.5 gallon per flush toilet.

  • Gravity flushing

  • Gravity flushing is the most typical technology found in residential homes. The innovative Class Five flushing technology combines gravity with a powerful flush that also addresses bowl cleaning. The Kohler Wellworth toilet family uses this technology and one new model flushes just 1.28 gallons, saving a family of four up to 16,500 gallons of water a year. This certifies the 1.28 gallon model to carry the EPA’s WaterSense label for using at least 20 percent less water than standard 1.6 gallon toilets. The Wellworth family also is compliant with the new California Green Building Code standards. These toilets have a versatile tank design featuring an elegant flare to complement a wide range of bathroom designs.

  • NUMI Flushing Technology

  • The ultimate flushing experience combines technology, comfort and style into one universal, stylish package. If you’re looking for a toilet with an interactive LCD touch-screen interface, bidet and deodorizer, dual-flush technology with .6 and 1.28 gallons per flush, built in music system, heated seat and foot warmer and intuitive auto open and close lid, check out the Kohler Numi toilet with bidet functionality.

When you upgrade your technical devices, you probably review all the benefits and options the new device will provide you. So make sure to do your due diligence by reviewing toilets and flushing options before you choose the one that will become a vital part of your everyday life. For all of your environmental assessment needs, contact us today by calling (904) 590-1306.

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