Why Are Sewer Pipes Underground?

Have you ever wondered why we put our sewer pipes in the ground? This is often a question that comes up for homebuyers who are looking to purchase an older home with a septic. So, Residential Inspector of America is here to explain some of the main reasons our sewers run underground. Why Are Sewer Pipes Underground?


One of the most obvious reasons why sewer pipes should be underground is for aesthetics. Above-ground pipes are often unsightly and can lower the value of a property. They can be easily damaged, stained, or rusted, leading to an unappealing view. On the other hand, underground networks are out of sight, making for a cleaner and more attractive home exterior.


Sewer pipes, whether made of PVC or metal, are designed to last for years. However, they are more durable underground than above ground. Above-ground pipes are exposed to the elements, such as rain, wind, and other natural forces that can cause rusting and damage. Underground sewer pipes are protected from these elements, making them last longer.

Environmental Advantages

Underground sewer pipes provide environmental advantages by protecting the soil and water from contamination. Above-ground sewer pipes may leak or burst and, thus, can cause soil erosion and damage. If a pipe bursts above ground, the sewage can spill onto lawns and streets, possibly contaminating nearby bodies of water. This can cause environmental damage that can take years to repair. Underground pipes have a much lower risk of contamination, making them the safer and more sustainable choice.

Health and Safety

Underground sewer pipes are safer for health, as they prevent the emission of unpleasant odors that may cause allergies or illnesses. With underground pipes, there is a lesser chance of bacterial and fungal growth since there is less humidity. Having the sewer system underground ensures that households are healthy and free from harm.

Make Sure Your Sewer is Up to Snuff

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