3 Common Issues Found in a New Construction Inspection

A new construction inspection is an important step in the home building process. It can help identify any potential problems with the construction of your home before they become more significant issues. At Residential Inspector of America, our new construction inspections reveal many problems, including those listed here.

3 Common Issues Found in a New Construction Inspection

1. Code Violations

One of the most important aspects of a new construction inspection is identifying code violations. Building codes are put in place to ensure structures are safe and meet specific standards. If a new building does not meet these standards, it can pose a serious safety risk. Code violations can also be costly to fix, so it is crucial to catch them early on. Common issues that can lead to code violations include faulty wiring, defective plumbing, and improper framing. A qualified inspector will be able to identify these and other potential problems so that they can be addressed before the building is occupied.

2. Roof or Shingle Damage

When you have a new construction inspection, the inspector will look closely at the roof. They’ll look for any damage to the shingles, nail holes, or damage to other parts of the roof. If the inspector finds damage, they usually recommend that the builder repair or replace the damaged area. In some cases, the inspector may also recommend replacing the entire roof. If you’re buying a new home, it’s important to make sure that the roof is in good condition. 

3. Missing Flashing

Finally, the last thing an inspector will be looking for is missing flashing. Flashing is a strip of metal or other material that’s installed around openings in a roof or wall. It helps direct water away from these areas and prevents it from seeping into the structure. If the inspector finds that flashing is missing, it’s important that the builder correct the issue. Otherwise, you could end up with serious water damage as the homeowner.

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