Common Foundation Issues in Older Homes

In real estate, a home 50 years old is often considered an older home. That’s because building codes and standards have changed dramatically over the last five decades. These changes include the type of foundation poured or used for most houses in the area. As a result, foundational issues are among the most common problems people have when purchasing an older home. If you’ve got your eye on a charming older home, the inspection from Residential Inspector of America will make you aware of any foundation troubles.

Common Foundation Issues in Older Homes

Cracks in the Slab

If the home you’re considering buying has a slab foundation, we’ll inspect this area thoroughly. With older homes, it’s not uncommon for them to show some wear and tear, but the one place we don’t want to see it is in the foundation. Unfortunately, the earth tends to have other plans, often shifting and moving, which causes the house to settle. Over time, small cracks in the concrete can turn into major problems, including flooding and pest infestations. 

Sticky doors and windows

As you can imagine, the shifting of the foundation doesn’t just affect the slab. Its damage can also be observed in the doors and windows. When there are foundational issues, doors will stick between the jams, and windows will be hard to open. Even the opposite can happen, and you might find cracks where you don’t want them. 

Uneven Floors

Another key indicator that your charmer has foundational issues is uneven floors. In some cases, you can visibly see the sag, while other times, you notice it while walking across the floor. One of the best ways to test the evenness of a floor is to put a marble in the center of the room. If it rolls one way or the other, then you have some foundational concerns.

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